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Usefulness, Satisfaction, and Ease of use (USE)
It helps me be more effective
It helps me be more productive
It is useful
It gives me more control over the activities in my life
It makes the things I want to accomplish easier to get done
It saves me time when I use it
It meets my needs
It does everything I would expect it to do
It is easy to use
It is simple to use
It is user friendly
It requires the fewest steps possible to accomplish what I want to do with it
It is flexible
Using it is effortless
I can use it without written instructions
I don't notice any inconsistencies as I use it
Both occasional and regular users would like it
I can recover from mistakes quickly and easily
I can use it successfully every time
I learned to use it quickly
I easily remember how to use it
It is easy to learn to use it
I quickly became skillful with it
I am satisfied with it
I would recommend it to a friend
It is fun to use
It works the way I want it to work
It is wonderful
I feel I need to have it
It is pleasant to use